Vancouver Character Homes: Differences between character and heritage homes

Vancouver Character Homes: Differences between character and heritage homes 

Old world charm is a common quality that homeowners look for when they buy character homes and heritage homes. Although both are historical structures, there are differences in the quality of character homes and heritage homes, with both of them being older properties.

Heritage homes are a niche market just like Vancouver Character Homes properties but there are distinct characteristics. 

  1. Character homes

An old house is considered a character home if it was built earlier than the 1940s. Property landscapes usually include farmhouses, cottages, country homes and lots of space with maybe an outbuilding or two.

Their appearance represents an age belonging to quaint architectural styles and artisans’ skills, and are found in and around villages. They have fewer restrictions when it comes to renovations but there are incentives available when homeowners keep the structural character of the house. Character homes provide an opportunity for homeowners in most cities to afford a place to live.

Some property types in the character home market include:

  • Thatch – Houses with thatched roofs are not expensive to repair and are one of the usual favourites due to their charming appearance. However, the thatch makes them prone to fires which can increase insurance costs.
  • Listed buildings – Several reasons why a building can be listed are its rarity, age, construction method or architectural merit. They are most likely to be protected because of historical importance, like a location for a very important event or the home of a famous person.
  • Conversions – These days you see homes that have been converted from barns, trains stations and old schools. They require planning permission and are definitely not a cheap purchase because you need to prepare more than 50% of the property’s value to turn them into a home.
  1. Heritage homes

Heritage homes are ancestral properties that are usually protected with legal status to protect their historical value and importance. Many towns and cities grant official heritage recognition to help celebrate the community’s history and cultural identity.

There are many challenges to renovating a heritage property. To renovate one to a 21st century home, you have to think about adding energy-saving electrical wirings and fixtures, modern heating, industrial-strength plumbings and steel reinforcements to existing structures. 

You may also have difficulty looking for interiors and fixtures that fit the age and architectural style of a heritage home, although there are home building stores now that offer heritage specific products that have tech features, like solar panel shingles for the roof. Also, heritage conversion laws restrict most structural changes to the exterior of the house to preserve its historical facade, which may limit your options for paint colours and styles.

There can be funding opportunities in owning heritage properties that you can look into in your area. Some cities offer government conservation grants and assistance with renovation planning and access to architects, engineers and other building professionals.

Vancouver Character Homes: Why choose a bungalow

Most people disregard bungalow type houses for their size. Having a large family, a bungalow may seem compact and won’t fit a family. You’ll be surprised though how large it can seem with the right decorations and floor plan.

Plus, it has a lot of benefits from being a one-storey house that you won’t get from multiple storeys one. Here’s why you should choose a bungalow type house

Open design

Bungalow style homes have an open concept. This means that there aren’t any walls that divide different sections of the house. This brings in more natural light to your home from the windows in different sections of your house. 

Additionally, since there are no walls in between, it looks larger and provides a space you can arrange any way you like. It also helps the parents keep an eye out for their kids. With an open concept, it won’t feel cramped when you have visitors over too.


Since bungalow-style homes are just one level, there’s great accessibility to those who have limited movement. Seniors will be able to move freely and not have to worry about getting up the stairs. Parents also won’t have to worry about kids falling off the stairs. 

The open concept also provides a large space for seniors that use walkers or wheelchairs with no worries about bumping into things. You may have two steps in front where a small ramp can be placed for easy access. 


It’s customary to build bungalow houses on large lots. They’re usually detached or semi-detached which means your house will be far from the other houses around you. This gives you and your family more privacy. 

You can also add curtains and plant trees to increase your privacy. Since the house only has one level, you won’t need tall trees or fences. It’s easy to achieve and maintain that level of privacy. 


With the open concept of a bungalow style house, it offers a lot of flexibility with decorating or furniture placement inside your house. With the correct layout, you can make it look larger and more spacious than it already is. 

That’s not all! Since bungalows are built on large lots, it’s easy to expand your home to accommodate more rooms. You can have a room built in the additional space from around your house, something you can’t do in a two-story house. 

You can even upgrade it by adding an attic, or even a second floor or roof deck. The possibilities are endless!


One of the costly things about owning a house is keeping it in good condition. It’s a lot of work and expensive to maintain a multiple-story house. You’ll have to check each floor and keep it in good condition separately.

It will also cost less for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer when you have a bungalow. Additionally, it’s more convenient to clean. This flexibility and control over the process and maintenance can reduce expenses.

Vancouver Character Homes: Different styles of bungalow houses

Bungalow houses have been popular since the mid-nineteenth century. Its term originated from the Hindustani word ‘bangala’ which means belonging to Bengal. These are usually smaller in size as compared to other types of houses. 

Similar to the design of a cottage, it is a single-story building that can also have a second or partial story built into a sloped roof. Most people prefer a place like this because it is enough space to accommodate a family. This type of house is easier to maintain and hardly need regular renovations. 

Moreover, it is a great choice for those who want a private space, especially in suburban neighbourhoods. This has different variations that you can explore such as the following: 

Craftsman bungalow 

A classic example of a bungalow design is the craftsman variation. Its features include street-facing gables with shingled roofs. Usually, it’s painted in natural colours such as brown or dark green, as if blending in with its surroundings. Moreover, they are known for their wide and overhanging eaves. 

Modern bungalow 

A modern-styled bungalow stands out because of its curved corners. They also have portholes or bulkheads. Most of the construction materials needed for this kind of house are concrete, glass or brick. Its interior is commonly designed to have a light and simple design with a modern touch. 

Tudor revival 

If you want a unique looking bungalow, you can try out the Tudor revival design. It has a steeply-pitched roof with large chimneys. Moreover, it has wall cladding and tall windows. These even use decorative half-timbering. 


Mission-styled bungalows have broad and overhanging eaves. It also has exposed rafters, and a hipped or gabled-type roof. Other features include smooth stucco or plastic siding. You can also opt for a Spanish-tiled roof with this kind of house. 


Prairie is a bungalow design that was first developed by Chicago architects from the United States. This is styled to have piers that support the porch roof. Moreover, this has flat chimneys, contrasting wall materials and prairie-style windows. Meanwhile, the interior has ceiling beams and horizontal woodwork. 


A California style bungalow uses stucco and wood with shingle siding. This is a one-story house that has a sloping roof, a sizable porch and an open floor plan. It is a home designed for places that has a temperate climate similar to Southern California. 

Find out more in Vancouver Character Homes 

Vancouver Character Homes has a variety of houses and properties that you can check out. There is a wide selection of designs and prices that you can choose from. You can find the details on how to contact us, the sizes of the different properties available, and their respective prices on our website. Check it out and choose your new home today.

Things you should consider before buying a house

Buying a house could mean a new life. But it is also one of the biggest financial investments a person could ever make. It takes a lot of planning and consulting because no one would like to regret their decision after shelling out a lot of money.

But admit it, buying a new house is exciting as well. The thought of having a place you can finally call home is a bliss for some people, but it’s not for everyone. Buying houses should not be driven by excitement nor impulsiveness.

Here are 5 thing you should consider when buying a house: 

  1. Job security and financial capabilities – The prices of houses these days are no joke. The house mortgage is not the only thing you need to worry about, but other costs as well such as maintenance, electricity, water, and many more. Before buying a house, evaluate your financial capabilities and weigh your options.

You need to make sure that you will be able to handle the financial demands of being a homeowner. To ensure that, you need to have a stable job or steady business that will give you enough money to maintain the house and feed yourself at the same time. 

Buy a house that you can afford and do not be too confident with what you’re currently earning. Prices in the market constantly change and one wrong step could mean financial disaster for you. 

  1. Consider your current debts and bills – Before jumping into bigger life investments, you must first ensure you are not in debt or paying a hefty sum of bills. 

Buying a house is a one-way expenditure and you don’t earn from it. Work with what you currently have on your plate. Don’t add more responsibilities to your life that you can’t handle

  1. Consult a trusted realtor – It’s best to use a trusted realtor when looking for a house to buy. You don’t have to carry all the burden, though it is mostly your responsibility, but let people in this kind of industry help you.

However, make sure that your realtor has good values and will never pocket money from both you and the seller. Look for a realtor that will protect your interests that will help and guide you with all the process of acquiring a new home. 

  1. Place and location – Before buying a house, try to observe if the house’s location is ideal. Is it near a hospital during emergencies? How far is the school for the kids? Is it safe from natural hazards? Are there any convenience stores near it?

These are only but a few of the many questions that you should ask yourself before signing those papers for a new house. You wouldn’t want to live in a middle of nowhere wouldn’t you?

How to Protect and Preserve Your Home

How to Protect and Preserve Your Home 

Your home is the place where you have poured your heart out. Being at home is one of the best feelings that can give us the peace and relaxation that we always wish to have. It is also the place where we have placed the things that we have invested in. These are just some of the reasons why our home should be our breathable living space. 

No matter how much we feel comfortable and safe in our own home, there are people who love breaking into houses so that they can damage what other people have worked hard for. Throughout the years, those people have been a threat to everyone’s homes. 

So, whether you may be living in one of our Vancouver Character Home properties or not, we want you to be safe. With that, here are some ways on how you can protect and preserve the safety of your home.

Install sensor lights 

A well-lit house is less likely to be a victim of robbery. As much as you want to keep your lights lit up even while you’re asleep, it may reflect on your electricity bill. With that, it may be best for you to install sensor lights, especially in your backyard and on your doors. That way, you will easily notice if these lights have picked up movement from spots that shouldn’t have any person in them. 

Upgrade your doors and windows

If you really want to be safe, then it is highly suggested that you make sure that your doors and windows are in their best condition. Most robbery cases take place in houses that have a reported broken part on their doors and windows. Aside from ensuring that everything is fine, it may also be best for you to have them upgraded so that you wouldn’t have to worry. 

Change or add more locks 

Sadly, thieves really know how to break into houses because they know how to pick locks easily. With that, we suggest that you try to add more locks to your door so that it will take them longer to bust it open. That way, they will be discouraged from breaking into your house since there is a high chance that they will be seen. 

Place security cameras

In order to further protect your home, you may want to install some security cameras around your home. That way, you will be able to see if someone is actually trying to break into your home. Moreso, you can even have it prevented if you see someone lurking into your home more often. 

Know your neighbours 

Knowing your neighbours is really important because they can help you keep an eye out for your safety. Also, being friendly with your neighbours means that they can watch over your house if you happen to be headed for an out of town trip. 

Getting the Best Deals for Your New Home

Getting the Best Deals for Your New Home 

Moving into a new home is definitely exciting and thrilling at the same time because it gives you a fresh new start in life. However, the greatest challenge in doing so is the need to cover all the expenses that go together with it. 

Whether it may be one of our Vancouver Character Homes properties or not which you may be moving into, going for the best deals is always a great idea. That way, you can save money and have a little more extra money which you can use to help you with all of the expenses that come along with moving. With that, here are some ways on how you can score great deals for your next home. 

Find a great real estate agent 

Whether you are a first-time house buyer or not, it’s always best that you ask for the help of a realtor. By finding a great agent, you will be thoroughly guided with all the decisions that you may have to take in considering what can be your new home. You can ask for their opinion on what they think about certain deals since they know what works best for their clients since they do those things every day.

Look for the lowest interest rates 

At some point, you will have to lend money for your house. With that, it may be best to know the interest rates of different lenders and banks. If you are a little too busy to inquire for all the interest rate offers of each company or bank, then it may be helpful for you to consult it with a mortgage broker. 

Ask for a home warranty 

Having a home warranty helps cover the cost of repair for your first years in your new home. By having one, you will be spared from the hassle of paying for the repair of suddenly broken items and stuff which may cause you trouble. The great thing about having this is that you may have it cancelled if you think that it is no longer necessary. 

Settle closing costs 

Feel free to ask the seller if they can pay the full or partial amount of the closing fees which need to be settled. In case they do, then you will really be spared from the need to pay an additional 2% to 5% of the purchase price. 

Negotiate with their stuff

Take a chance and ask the seller if some of the stuff that they have displayed is part of the package. Whether it may be some decorations or some pieces of furniture, it will really be helpful for you to save some money once you get some stuff for free. Similarly, this also helps the seller from the hassle of transferring all of their stuff to their new home. 

Learning How to Host a Nice Open House

Learning How to Host a Nice Open House

Having your very own house is a milestone. With that people tend to check different properties on listings that are available online. Should they be interested in it, they drive towards it and see if it’s available for an open house. Meanwhile, other people look for random open houses to look for inspiration on how they would want their houses to look like. 

If you have seen an open house among our Vancouver Character Homes properties, then you may have gotten an idea about what’s done when there are visitors who are possible buyers. If you happen to have your own property that you want to sell, then we suggest that you hold an open house too. That way, people can personally appreciate your house and experience how it feels. This is better than just sending them pictures of the property you have for sale. 

Wondering about how you can make yours successful? Check this out. 

Ensure cleanliness 

By hosting an open house, you will have to ensure that everything is sparkling clean. By letting people see how the house looks like when it is in its perfect condition, then they will most likely be drawn to the potential of making it their home as well.

Also, a tidy house also gives the illusion that a house is more spacious than how it really is. 

Know your competitors

If there are other open houses within your vicinity, then we highly suggest that you do check them out so you can have an idea about what they are offering. Try to be more observant and listen to the concerns of the other open house attendees. By knowing the common questions, you can be more prepared to answer once these are all asked about your property. 

Set a nice schedule 

Usually, open houses are held on non-holiday Sundays. You may also want to set it on a similar schedule so that it is guaranteed that people are not occupied with work. Once your schedule is set, we highly recommend that you arrive earlier than your schedule so that you can ensure that everything is ready. 


If your location is not in a commercial area, then it is a must that you let people know about what you are offering. Let your neighbours know that you are an open house so that they can invite their friends too. You may even want to post this online so that it may attract even those who are not within your connections. 

Be friendly 

Make sure to smile while socializing around other people who went to your open house. Entertain their questions and treat them all nicely. If you want, you may even want to serve some light snacks to thank them for coming and checking out the house you have for sale. 

All About Vancouver and Community Planning

Vancouver Character Homes

Vancouver Character Homes listing has all the info you need to get you started on your new home. While looking through featured listings, there are other things you must take into account and two of the most important are location and the community. 

Vancouver is one of the best cities to live in Canada. It is hailed as one of the major cities that offer both greenery and city living. Residents get the best view of the mountains and enjoy the brazing breezes as they walk down the vibrant streets of the city. What more could you ask for?

These are some of the perks of choosing a home that is located in a city with great community planning. There are goals set by the people in order to guide them through further developments and refinement. Cities with great planning often find ways to improve living conditions while keeping costs at a minimum. 

What is community planning?

In the simplest of terms, community planning is a way for residents, tenants, and stakeholders to engage in activities that are designed to improve the quality of life and well-being within a community. It usually involves setting provisional goals to help guide the process into creating a safer, cleaner, and even cheaper community. 

The positive changes that this brings affect the general public and while in most cases, the activities start small, the frameworks provide info on how to improve from that point on. Active plans cater to helping low-income residents, cleaner and greener streets, and more. 

Vancouver is home to many active plans that are proven effective in the past few years. The participation of its residents is a good sign that the plans meet the needs of everyone involved. 

Housing in Vancouver

One of the recurring issues that communities in Vancouver struggle with is the lack of cheaper housing in the city. There is no doubt that a developed city would cost a lot more to live in but plans to actively reverse or suppress this issue using a 10-year strategy. 

The 10-year housing strategy aims to provide families with a solid foundation in Vancouver through the building of more affordable homes in the city, providing residents with the right support, and limiting the cost of land in the area. 

While this strategy has a promising future, people who are looking to buy a home in Vancouver should take into account that active participation in community plans are vital. This can expose you to many options and opportunities. 

Of course, certain areas may cost a lot more than others but the perks go beyond the house and lot. Always check out for nearby places for leisure, work, or needs. Prime locations often have exclusivity yet still enjoy the proximity of everything they may need. 


View my new listing for sale at 308 – 1188 Parkgate Blvd, North Vancouver and currently listed at $244,000.

Seniors (55+) co-op with everything you could want for a nice comfortable lifestyle. 2 bedrooms & 2 full bathrooms! Located on a quiet cul-de-sac within walking distance to shopping, church, library & transit. This suite is a modified “D” plan & is on the NW corner. Laminate floors, top of the line washer & dryer, very bright & well cared for with a very nice treed outlook & spacious feeling. Land leased from the District of NV. The building enjoys 2 air conditioned Atrium to enjoy a game of pool, cards, crossword & other socials. Common areas & rooms are very welcoming. Great community. No mortgages, cat okay.


View my new listing for sale at 216 – 340 W 3rd Street, North Vancouver and currently listed at $234,900.

Quiet, cool side of the building & listed below assessed value makes this suite a great buy. Spacious 1 bedroom unit plus flex space is nicely updated & move in ready. Quality laminate flooring, newer appliances, new bathroom vanity, sink & hardware. Good sized deck for entertaining. Close to all amenities, steps to public transport, short stroll to the Quay & many trendy & delicious restaurants. Walking distance to Market Place Groceries, seabus, movie theatres & more. Extremely well run building. Rentals are limited & pets are okay. One parking & one storage locker.

View Property in North Vancouver

We, in Vancouver Character Homes, congratulate you as you now decided to start building your dream. And we thank you for choosing North Vancouver as a place for that to happen.

If you have been all over the internet to find the best place to live that will suit your style and your budget, allow Vancouver Character Homes to help you. We have a new listing of properties in North Vancouver, and we encourage you to check them out.

For your concerns, you can head to our contact page and fill-up the form. We promise to attend to you within 24 hours. 

New House Listing

New Listing # 308 – 1188, Parkgate Blvd, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Currently listed at $244,000, this suite is a co-op with everything you need for a nice, comfy lifestyle. It has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms perfect for small families.

If you prefer to welcome your Sundays with stillness and peace, this might be what you are looking for. Since we know that you want convenience, this house is just a walking distance to the shopping mall, church, and library. 

You do not have to worry about the hassle of going out of the neighbourhood as this place has easy access to main roads and national highways. 

It is on the northwest corner with a modified ‘D’ house layout hence, avoiding the need to walk on the stairs just to reach your bedroom. If you have an older person with you, you might want to consider this.

It has a laundry area equipped with the top of the line washer and dryer combo. You can have the nicest view in North Vancouver since the place is surrounded by trees giving off that natural feeling.

View this land leased by the District of North Vancouver. Be part of a great neighbourhood and hey, you can bring your pets with you!

New Listing # 216, 340 W, 3rd St, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Currently listed at $234,900, this condo unit is surely a great buy. Having one spacious bedroom with one vanity room and updated lounge space, this is perfect for our customers who love to invite their friends over. 

The place is complete with quality appliances and hardware. There is also a good size deck for your guests while looking over the wonderful view of North Vancouver. 

The condo unit is located inside an extremely well-run building which is just a walk to all amenities including public transport, restaurants, market place and movie theatres. You will be provided with a parking spot and a storage locker for your belongings.

You do not have to worry about your neighbours because the place only offers exclusive rentals perfect for those in need of privacy and peace. If you are deciding to live alone, you may want to check this property.