Vancouver Character Homes: Different styles of bungalow houses

Bungalow houses have been popular since the mid-nineteenth century. Its term originated from the Hindustani word ‘bangala’ which means belonging to Bengal. These are usually smaller in size as compared to other types of houses. 

Similar to the design of a cottage, it is a single-story building that can also have a second or partial story built into a sloped roof. Most people prefer a place like this because it is enough space to accommodate a family. This type of house is easier to maintain and hardly need regular renovations. 

Moreover, it is a great choice for those who want a private space, especially in suburban neighbourhoods. This has different variations that you can explore such as the following: 

Craftsman bungalow 

A classic example of a bungalow design is the craftsman variation. Its features include street-facing gables with shingled roofs. Usually, it’s painted in natural colours such as brown or dark green, as if blending in with its surroundings. Moreover, they are known for their wide and overhanging eaves. 

Modern bungalow 

A modern-styled bungalow stands out because of its curved corners. They also have portholes or bulkheads. Most of the construction materials needed for this kind of house are concrete, glass or brick. Its interior is commonly designed to have a light and simple design with a modern touch. 

Tudor revival 

If you want a unique looking bungalow, you can try out the Tudor revival design. It has a steeply-pitched roof with large chimneys. Moreover, it has wall cladding and tall windows. These even use decorative half-timbering. 


Mission-styled bungalows have broad and overhanging eaves. It also has exposed rafters, and a hipped or gabled-type roof. Other features include smooth stucco or plastic siding. You can also opt for a Spanish-tiled roof with this kind of house. 


Prairie is a bungalow design that was first developed by Chicago architects from the United States. This is styled to have piers that support the porch roof. Moreover, this has flat chimneys, contrasting wall materials and prairie-style windows. Meanwhile, the interior has ceiling beams and horizontal woodwork. 


A California style bungalow uses stucco and wood with shingle siding. This is a one-story house that has a sloping roof, a sizable porch and an open floor plan. It is a home designed for places that has a temperate climate similar to Southern California. 

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