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With many heritage homes and lofts on the market at a given time and the risks accompanied with purchasing older homes, it requires hiring the right Realtor who knows the market and character homes inside and out. With over 26 years experience in the Vancouver real estate market and a passion for homes filled with history, personality, and architectural details that ignite the imagination, I will best understand what you are looking for and assist with purchasing it a fair price.

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Tips for Home Buyers

Are you planning to make a new start by buying a property of your own where you can build your dreams? Vancouver Character Homes have just the right list of properties you might want to check out.

But before doing that, there are many things you have to consider. Buying a property is a whole lot different from buying clothes or furniture at a store. You have to be well-versed on how real estate works to be able to purchase that house that you will not regret buying.

Vancouver Character Homes is here to help you in your plans for your future. We want to support you as you head towards this phase in life where you have to rely on yourself and be the king or queen of your own empire. 

Whether you are planning to buy a house or sell a property, Vancouver Character Homes is the right team for you. We promise to be on your side as you decide on what house and lot suits you best or you can trust us to sell your property to new owners that will love it as much as you did. 

If you reached this page, you might be planning to buy a property for yourself and your family. With all the great offers anywhere on the internet, finding that right property is really daunting.

That is why Vancouver Character Homes listed here everything you need to know and remember before buying a land or a house. This is very essential as it works around your finances and security so make sure to have a paper and pen with you to take note of important points.

Things to Consider When Buying a House


In buying a house, you may want to find a location near the places you visit the most such as your office, school, malls, church or shrines, and parks. To save from the hassle of long travels or commute, make sure that you have easy access to the main roads or national highways.

You can also check the traffic flow around your area before deciding which property to buy. Apart from that, you may also prefer to be living within a friendly community so make sure to ask around the neighbourhood as well. 

Size of Lot

This is important when deciding about the size of the house you want to build (if buying a land alone), or when finding sufficient space for your essentials such as your car. 

Before deciding if the size of the lot fits your preference, think about what matters to you such as the level of privacy you need, the length of the driveway, and what are your plans for your lawn. 

Some would want to have their garden outside their home, and some would want to build their own pool. So make sure to ask all the right questions to you realtors including the description and dimensions of the lot.

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

If you have a family of your own, this might be your priority in buying a house. If you want separate or shared bedrooms, the size and number of bedrooms might matter to you. You also have to take note of your visitors that will be staying over for the night. 

Remember those extra bedrooms may not always be used as a guest room. When there are no visitors, you can use the space as your office, kids’ playroom or storage. That is why it is also essential to think of your lifestyle and how you can go around with it around your house.

In connection with this, you should also take note of the number of bathrooms and the style you may want. To have an idea on the right size and style to choose, you may want to check on your family and their routines as they use their vanity room. 

Age and conditioning of the house

If you are buying a house, you have to look further beyond the future. That is why it is important to first check whether the house will last long and if it can stand against extreme weather conditions such as storms or calamities like earthquakes.

You should also check the piping layout of the house. You may not want sudden water clogs to happen without a warning. If you are buying an old house, you may want to consider replacing some parts of the house that you think may not be used for long. 

Avoid making assumptions about the condition of the house, ask your realtor right away or suggest home inspection before purchasing.

Price and Incentive

Since buying a home is a huge investment, you should stick to your decisions and not exceed your budget so as to avoid mortgage issues in the future. If you are planning to make cash loans, make sure that your loan is approved and you applied to a credible loan company. 

The good thing is, some home sellers are willing to offer incentives to help you find ease in making your mortgage payments. A good realtor, like Vancouver Character Homes, will help you in finding that motivated seller that may want to provide some good offers for their buyers.


This is highly important if the house you plan to buy has not been visited by a maintenance team for a long time. While considering the price of the house, you may also want to make a list of repairs and replacements you needed to make and their costs. 

Some may be for aesthetic purposes alone and some may be functional. Nonetheless, you have to write them all down, add up their costs and consider them on your budget.

Tips before buying a house

Read the contract first

Some standard contracts may seem to state final decisions but, this is not always the case. If you need to think more about the house you will buy and the budget you allotted for this purchase, you may try to negotiate. That is when you needed realtors that do not only want to exhaust money from you but genuinely want to support you.

So remember to read the contracts before signing to find some features you may want to consult first with your realtors.

Consider your long-term goals

Since buying a house is a big financial commitment, you have to think about your further plans in the future. The house you have chosen might suit your present lifestyle, but it does not mean that this will remain true for a long time.

You might be married in the future, have children, or you might change your current job. Remember to look for a house that will remain right for you for the few years to come. 

Buy only what you can afford

Having stable jobs and enough income does not mean that you can be grand in buying a property. Although this might not always be the case, there might be unwanted situations that may affect your mortgage payments. 

Forbes suggests choosing a mortgage price which is about one-third of your gross income. Ask your realtors or mortgage broker on other factors in play that you need to consider.

Look beyond the purchase price

With the above mentioned, you may tend to focus on the price of the property and not consider other added costs. You have to remember that there are other factors that may affect your budget, including insurance, homeowner association fees and real estate taxes oftentimes.

Other than that there are maintenance costs and repair costs. So it is important to ask your realtors not only about the features of the house but the attached upkeep costs that you may need to pay once you purchase.

Buy from a trusted realtor

A good realtor listened and is open to your ideas and future plans. Vancouver Character Homes is the right team to help you build your dream house.

We will not only guide you in finding that perfect house, but we also promise to protect your interests and support you in your buying processes. If you are unsure, we will be the one to suggest a home inspection to answer your concerns. 

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