It doesn’t matter whether you’re bullish or bearish on real estate, just about everyone agrees: property is really expensive in Vancouver. But is buying a home in the Greater Vancouver Area a bad investment? Not if you’re in it for the long haul. Vancouver is one of those rare cities where there really is a shortage of land—what with the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. Even if prices drop in the short term, as long as you can afford to hold tight, they’ll recover eventually. And by choosing a neighbourhood within the city where prices are not yet in the stratosphere, you can minimize the risk.

When we analyzed the neighbourhoods in Greater Vancouver for value, growth potential (momentum) and desirability (realtor grade), we weren’t surprised to see Port Moody Centre at the top the list. This tree-lined neighbourhood of single-family homes near Simon Fraser University certainly seems to offer value: Last year approximately 30 properties sold in this area at a benchmark price of just over $700,000—almost $50,000 less than the benchmark price for the Greater Vancouver Area. “Fact is, you get a lot more for your money in this community,” explains Rhonda Davis, a realtor with RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside. Plus there’s a mix of housing types: from newer townhomes, to older bungalows to side- and back-splits.

But Port Moody Centre boasts more than affordable homes (affordable for Vancouver, that is). “It’s art-focused so it still retains that sense of community,” explains Scott Stevenson, realtor with Keller Williams Black Diamond Realty. “Plus people in this neighbourhood are active,” Stevenson says. “They ride bikes, go for walks, or just stroll around before ordering some fish and chips from Pajo’s, or sitting on the patio at the Boathouse.” When they go shopping, local residents can visit their community meat shop, bakery, or fruit stand, or they can hop in a car and drive 10 minutes to the IGA.

Then there’s the location. Part of the reason Port Moody ranks so well is because the area is an accessible Metro Vancouver bedroom community, and it will become even more so when the rapid transit SkyTrain reaches the area in 2016.

The No. 2 neighbourhood on our list is Brentwood Park in North Burnaby. “Brentwood is becoming trendy, but not like Commercial Drive, where the hipsters hang out,” explains Davis. “Families who can’t afford Westside neighbourhoods—but still want a view of the ocean and easy access to downtown Vancouver—like Brentwood because it fills that niche.” Part of the community’s attraction is its relatively reasonable house prices—of the 30 or so single-family homes that sold in this area in 2014, the benchmark price was around $950,000. As an added bonus, the neighbourhood also continues to offer authentic, owner-operated espresso cafés and straight-from-Italy dinner spots which helps create and keep the community’s eclectic, authentic vibe.

Top neighbourhoods or areas by rank:

RankNeighbourhood (Area)Average priceValue gradeMomentum grade
1Port Moody Centre (Port Moody)$689,100AC
2Brentwood Park (Burnaby North)$944,600DA
3Mountain Meadows (Port Moody)$709,000AC
4Cambie (Vancouver West)$1,730,600CB
5Vancouver Heights (Burnaby North)$927,600DB
6Kitsilano (Vancouver West)$1,769,000CB
7Hastings (Vancouver East)$814,800BA
8North Shore Pt Moody (Port Moody)$745,000AD
9Fairview VW (Vancouver West)$1,438,400BC
10Collingwood VE (Vancouver East)$869,300CA
11Victoria VE (Vancouver East)$877,000CA
12Willingdon Heights (Burnaby North)$920,100DA
13Renfrew VE (Vancouver East)$885,000CA
14Marpole (Vancouver West)$1,418,900BA
15Steveston Villlage (Richmond)$910,300CC
16McNair (Richmond)$832,700BB
17Garden Village (Burnaby South)$1,037,200DA
18Central BN (Burnaby North)$643,600AC
19South Slope (Burnaby South)$1,018,400DB
20Burnaby Hospital (Burnaby South)$1,038,400DB
21Barber Street (Port Moody)$832,300CC
22Steveston North (Richmond)$802,800AD
23Ironwood (Richmond)$771,800AC
24Mount Pleasant VE (Vancouver East)$897,900CC
25Fraser VE (Vancouver East)$975,700DA
26Knight (Vancouver East)$938,700DA
27New Horizons (Coquitlam)$587,200AC
28Oakridge VW (Vancouver West)$2,060,900DA
29Highgate (Burnaby South)$926,300CB
30Glenayre (Port Moody)$759,800AD
31Sentinel Hill (West Vancouver)$1,661,500CB
32South Arm (Richmond)$877,400BB
33Coquitlam West (Coquitlam)$780,200DC
34Central Coquitlam (Coquitlam)$756,000DC
35Renfrew Heights (Vancouver East)$912,800DA
36Hastings East (Vancouver East)$930,800DA
37Canyon Springs (Coquitlam)$700,300BB
38Brighouse South (Richmond)$629,400AD
39Eagle Ridge CQ (Coquitlam)$615,900AC
40Beach Grove (Tsawwassen)$661,100AD
41Suncrest (Burnaby South)$869,700BC
42Steveston South (Richmond)$980,800DC
43Parkcrest (Burnaby North)$1,002,300DB
44Capitol Hill BN (Burnaby North)$964,400DB
45Forest Glen BS (Burnaby South)$1,164,500DA
46McLennan (Richmond)$994,700DA
47Tsawwassen Central (Tsawwassen)$731,400CD
48Bayridge (West Vancouver)$1,741,000DB
49Ambleside (West Vancouver)$1,718,500DD
50Pebble Hill (Tsawwassen)$805,900DB
51Main (Vancouver East)$1,104,800DA
52Burnaby Lake (Burnaby South)$967,300CC
53Sapperton (New Westminster)$601,800AD
54Dunbar (Vancouver West)$2,124,300DA
55Seafair (Richmond)$991,800DC
56Woodwards (Richmond)$1,025,300DB
57Westwind (Richmond)$1,039,400DC
58Mount Pleasant VW (Vancouver West)$1,257,300BD
59Boulevard (North Vancouver)$1,066,300DA
60Harbour Chines (Coquitlam)$798,800DC
61Ranch Park (Coquitlam)$686,500BD
62S.W. Marine (Vancouver West)$2,119,800DA
63British Properties (West Vancouver)$2,124,100DA
64College Park PM (Port Moody)$792,800BD
65Metrotown (Burnaby South)$1,133,700DB
66South Vancouver (Vancouver East)$982,700DA
67Sullivan Heights (Burnaby North)$772,000AD
68Deer Lake Place (Burnaby South)$1,081,900DB
69Lower Lonsdale (North Vancouver)$841,000BD
70Lynnmour (North Vancouver)$791,100AD
71Glenmore (West Vancouver)$1,345,500BC
72Central Park BS (Burnaby South)$1,035,500DB
73Pemberton NV (North Vancouver)$763,600AD
74Saunders (Richmond)$982,600DB
75Uptown NW (New Westminster)$589,100AD
76Lynn Valley (North Vancouver)$951,700CD
77Westlynn (North Vancouver)$849,300BD
78Eagle Harbour (West Vancouver)$1,275,800BD
79Cliff Drive (Tsawwassen)$719,300CD
80English Bluff (Tsawwassen)$996,100DA
81Garden City (Richmond)$1,029,900DB
82Maillardville (Coquitlam)$622,900AC
83Boyd Park (Richmond)$995,200DC
84South Cambie (Vancouver West)$2,337,600DA
85Hamilton (North Vancouver)$829,900BD
86Whalley (Surrey)$444,075AD
87Norgate (North Vancouver)$815,200AC
88Glenwood PQ (Port Coquitlam)$531,100BD
89Killarney VE (Vancouver East)$1,091,300DA
90Gleneagles (West Vancouver)$1,747,100DC
91Seymour (North Vancouver)$952,700CB
92Big Bend (Burnaby South)$889,900BB
93Cedar Hills (Surrey and unknown areas)$464,658AD
94West Cambie (Richmond)$875,000BD
95Southlands (Vancouver West)$2,284,100DA
96Hamilton RI (Richmond)$662,900AD
97Queensbury (North Vancouver)$920,200CC
98Upper Eagle Ridge (Coquitlam)$775,500DC
99East Cambie (Richmond)$863,500BD
100River Springs (Coquitlam)$490,200AD
101Cape Horn (Coquitlam)$652,600AD
102Kerrisdale (Vancouver West)$2,300,500DB
103Broadmoor (Richmond)$1,414,100DA
104Connaught Heights (New Westminster)$632,300BD
105Bolivar Heights (Surrey)$445,925AD
106Riverdale RI (Richmond)$1,145,000DB
107Fraserview VE (Vancouver East)$1,260,500DA
108Arbutus (Vancouver West)$2,487,100DA
109Greentree Village (Burnaby South)$631,500AD
110Government Road (Burnaby North)$1,253,900DA
111Roche Point (North Vancouver)$957,500DB
112East Richmond (Richmond)$1,047,700DA
113Calverhall (North Vancouver)$915,100CD
114South Granville (Vancouver West)$2,914,700DA
115Bridgeport RI (Richmond)$815,100AD
116Woodland Acres PQ (Port Coquitlam)$637,900DC
117Windsor Park NV (North Vancouver)$935,000CD
118Queensborough (New Westminster)$601,900AD