New Vancouver Building Age Map Reveals Colourful History

Vancouver Building Age Map

As you hop around Vancouver's diverse neighbourhoods, one can easily sense their moving through one very tangled web of coexisting building era's. With so many threads to follow, it's difficult to create a full picture of Vancouver's colourful past. Now, thanks to Ekaterina Aristova, Vancouver's history is mapped out lot by lot with her new Vancouver Building Age Map tool. The designer explains on her website where the map can be found:

"Inspired by building age maps popping up for different cities (Portland, New York, etc.) I created the Vancouver Building Age map using publicly available data on the City of Vancouver website.

In particular I used the parcel polygon shapefile (containing land lot outlines) and a property tax report table. Unfortunately, I could not use building footprints because the latest file containing such information dates back to 1999. I am currently in the process of adding the hover effect to display addresses and will soon post a more detailed description of the map creation process. Some lots do not actually have any information on when the buildings were constructed so I left them gray."

As a real estate tool, this map functions very well if you are seeking a neighourhood with a certain character. We look forward seeing it evolve in years to come. 


Source: Ekaterina Aristova