Getting the Best Deals for Your New Home

Getting the Best Deals for Your New Home 

Moving into a new home is definitely exciting and thrilling at the same time because it gives you a fresh new start in life. However, the greatest challenge in doing so is the need to cover all the expenses that go together with it. 

Whether it may be one of our Vancouver Character Homes properties or not which you may be moving into, going for the best deals is always a great idea. That way, you can save money and have a little more extra money which you can use to help you with all of the expenses that come along with moving. With that, here are some ways on how you can score great deals for your next home. 

Find a great real estate agent 

Whether you are a first-time house buyer or not, it’s always best that you ask for the help of a realtor. By finding a great agent, you will be thoroughly guided with all the decisions that you may have to take in considering what can be your new home. You can ask for their opinion on what they think about certain deals since they know what works best for their clients since they do those things every day.

Look for the lowest interest rates 

At some point, you will have to lend money for your house. With that, it may be best to know the interest rates of different lenders and banks. If you are a little too busy to inquire for all the interest rate offers of each company or bank, then it may be helpful for you to consult it with a mortgage broker. 

Ask for a home warranty 

Having a home warranty helps cover the cost of repair for your first years in your new home. By having one, you will be spared from the hassle of paying for the repair of suddenly broken items and stuff which may cause you trouble. The great thing about having this is that you may have it cancelled if you think that it is no longer necessary. 

Settle closing costs 

Feel free to ask the seller if they can pay the full or partial amount of the closing fees which need to be settled. In case they do, then you will really be spared from the need to pay an additional 2% to 5% of the purchase price. 

Negotiate with their stuff

Take a chance and ask the seller if some of the stuff that they have displayed is part of the package. Whether it may be some decorations or some pieces of furniture, it will really be helpful for you to save some money once you get some stuff for free. Similarly, this also helps the seller from the hassle of transferring all of their stuff to their new home. 

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