Learning How to Host a Nice Open House

Learning How to Host a Nice Open House

Having your very own house is a milestone. With that people tend to check different properties on listings that are available online. Should they be interested in it, they drive towards it and see if it’s available for an open house. Meanwhile, other people look for random open houses to look for inspiration on how they would want their houses to look like. 

If you have seen an open house among our Vancouver Character Homes properties, then you may have gotten an idea about what’s done when there are visitors who are possible buyers. If you happen to have your own property that you want to sell, then we suggest that you hold an open house too. That way, people can personally appreciate your house and experience how it feels. This is better than just sending them pictures of the property you have for sale. 

Wondering about how you can make yours successful? Check this out. 

Ensure cleanliness 

By hosting an open house, you will have to ensure that everything is sparkling clean. By letting people see how the house looks like when it is in its perfect condition, then they will most likely be drawn to the potential of making it their home as well.

Also, a tidy house also gives the illusion that a house is more spacious than how it really is. 

Know your competitors

If there are other open houses within your vicinity, then we highly suggest that you do check them out so you can have an idea about what they are offering. Try to be more observant and listen to the concerns of the other open house attendees. By knowing the common questions, you can be more prepared to answer once these are all asked about your property. 

Set a nice schedule 

Usually, open houses are held on non-holiday Sundays. You may also want to set it on a similar schedule so that it is guaranteed that people are not occupied with work. Once your schedule is set, we highly recommend that you arrive earlier than your schedule so that you can ensure that everything is ready. 


If your location is not in a commercial area, then it is a must that you let people know about what you are offering. Let your neighbours know that you are an open house so that they can invite their friends too. You may even want to post this online so that it may attract even those who are not within your connections. 

Be friendly 

Make sure to smile while socializing around other people who went to your open house. Entertain their questions and treat them all nicely. If you want, you may even want to serve some light snacks to thank them for coming and checking out the house you have for sale. 

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