Vancouver Character Homes: Why choose a bungalow

Most people disregard bungalow type houses for their size. Having a large family, a bungalow may seem compact and won’t fit a family. You’ll be surprised though how large it can seem with the right decorations and floor plan.

Plus, it has a lot of benefits from being a one-storey house that you won’t get from multiple storeys one. Here’s why you should choose a bungalow type house

Open design

Bungalow style homes have an open concept. This means that there aren’t any walls that divide different sections of the house. This brings in more natural light to your home from the windows in different sections of your house. 

Additionally, since there are no walls in between, it looks larger and provides a space you can arrange any way you like. It also helps the parents keep an eye out for their kids. With an open concept, it won’t feel cramped when you have visitors over too.


Since bungalow-style homes are just one level, there’s great accessibility to those who have limited movement. Seniors will be able to move freely and not have to worry about getting up the stairs. Parents also won’t have to worry about kids falling off the stairs. 

The open concept also provides a large space for seniors that use walkers or wheelchairs with no worries about bumping into things. You may have two steps in front where a small ramp can be placed for easy access. 


It’s customary to build bungalow houses on large lots. They’re usually detached or semi-detached which means your house will be far from the other houses around you. This gives you and your family more privacy. 

You can also add curtains and plant trees to increase your privacy. Since the house only has one level, you won’t need tall trees or fences. It’s easy to achieve and maintain that level of privacy. 


With the open concept of a bungalow style house, it offers a lot of flexibility with decorating or furniture placement inside your house. With the correct layout, you can make it look larger and more spacious than it already is. 

That’s not all! Since bungalows are built on large lots, it’s easy to expand your home to accommodate more rooms. You can have a room built in the additional space from around your house, something you can’t do in a two-story house. 

You can even upgrade it by adding an attic, or even a second floor or roof deck. The possibilities are endless!


One of the costly things about owning a house is keeping it in good condition. It’s a lot of work and expensive to maintain a multiple-story house. You’ll have to check each floor and keep it in good condition separately.

It will also cost less for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer when you have a bungalow. Additionally, it’s more convenient to clean. This flexibility and control over the process and maintenance can reduce expenses.

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